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14 Things to Buy and Sell to Make Money On eBay

14 Things to Buy and Sell to Make Money On eBay

Looking for things to buy and sell to make money? You might have heard of flipping houses, and you have heard of flipping cars, but what about flipping small, everyday items on eBay?

things to buy and sell to make money
things to buy and sell to make money on eBay

That’s right; you can earn huge profit margins by selling things that you can buy for practically nothing. The problem is finding the right items to sell. We have curated a list of items that sell for the highest profit margin on eBay and that are easy to hunt for.

If you want to know about things to buy and sell to make money, keep reading below.


This is a great category to start with if you are just getting into buying items and selling them online. Shoes are easy to get anywhere – thrift stores, garage sales, and even auctions. Shoes can be sold new or used. Once you get the hang of what works on eBay, you’ll know what to pick up to sell.

Vintage Video Games

People sell old video games often without knowing their market value so they end up selling for few dollars at garage sales. If you sell them on eBay, you can get an upward of $35 for them, which is a great margin.

Men’s Designer Swimwear

Men’s’ swimwear sells fast during the summer months, especially if it is vintage designer swimwear like Tommy Hilfiger, Polo or Ralph Lauren. If you find them in good condition at your local Goodwill or Salvation Army, pick them up and compare what are they selling for on eBay; you’re likely going to make a sizeable profit on them.

Easy To Value Collectables

Collectibles can be kind of tricky, so if you stick to well-known franchises like Disney or Star Wars, you are going to make a profit on the sale. You can search up items in the category to see how much they are selling for before you end up spending too much on something of no value.

Things to buy and sell to make money: Calculators

Had you ever thought that amongst things to buy and sell to make money you’d find calculators?

This is another great item that sells very fast on eBay. If you can get your hands on one at any kind of garage sale or thrift store, make sure you pick it up. They can sell for up to $100, and they sell fast!

Ink Cartridges

Somehow, ink cartridges and toners sell very quickly on eBay. You can buy them at thrift stores for as little as $1 when the actual sale price of these items can go up to $50. So if you find some, buy them to sell!

Sporting Goods

These are another thrift store and garage sale favorite. People who are done using items like baseball gloves, bats and tennis racket, are likely to donate them or sell them for cheap. These clunky items sell fast if they are in good condition.

Vintage Band Tour T-Shirts

After concerts, people often pick up a tour shirt, wear it a few times and donate it. That’s why thrift stores are full of them! If you can get your hands on tour shirts, especially from the ‘80s and ‘90s, you’re probably going to end up spending $2 to $4 on it. On eBay, these shirts sell for anywhere from $35 to $50 and even more for more famous band tours!


People don’t know the value of VCRs and sell them at garage sales for as little as $5 – $10! Fortunately for you, if you manage to get your hands on a working one, you can sell it for up to $150!

Car Stock Radios

Looking for things to buy and sell to make money, we found that there is another item that people don’t know the value of. Car stock radios are often taken out of cars just to be replaced by fancier models with more functions. There is nothing wrong with these radios, and people are willing to pay for them.

Of course, if the make of the car is better, you’re going to get a better price for it. You can get your hands on these radios for as little as $5; Ford and Mazda radios will sell for $50 but better brands like BMW can go up to $200.


This is a slightly tricky category because watches vary drastically in price and desirability. If you are not careful you might end up paying way too much for a watch that no one wants to buy. Go for known brands that aren’t too expensive like Nixon, or vintage watches from brands like Casio. You can end up making $150-$200 on a single sale.

Vintage Toys

People love spending on nostalgic items. If you get a chance to purchase toys from the ‘80s and ‘90s, you can end up making a reasonable profit on them. The good thing about these items is that they sell fairly fast. You can buy toys for as little as $5 and, depending on the item, could end up making very sizeable amounts.

Sports Memorabilia

When it comes to sports memorabilia, people are willing to spend big for the teams they support. If you can get your hands on some good condition vintage sports jerseys, you can make a huge profit on them online. Just check eBay by searching the sports team to see how much they are selling for.

Plush Toys

For some reason, this is also another item that sells pretty fast online. People either like collecting them or buying them for their children. Either way, they sell out quickly.

Some collectible plush toys can be sold for $30, and most likely, people are selling them for as little as 50 cents at garage sales.

We hope this list helps you decide what items to pick up on your next visit to a thrift store or garage sale. In order to improve your chances of success, If you think an item looks valuable, before spending any money on it, search it on eBay to see how much it is selling for and if people want to buy it.

We are constantly working to bring you the best ideas to make money online or just downloading an App on your phone. If you like this content leave us a comment or share with us your success stories with these methods!



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