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6 Best Apps To Make Money Fast

6 Best Apps To Make Money Fast

Who wouldn’t want to know the best apps to make money fast in 2020? It’s a great way to start saving for something you really want or even help pay your bills.

But, did you know it can be as easy as downloading an app on your phone? Well, if you’re looking for a quick way to make some cash on the side, all you have to do is download one of these best apps to make money fast:

Field Agent

This app exists to help businesses create better customer experiences through market research. The app does this by assigning missions to people who sign up to become a part of their community.

The app has questions and surveys for you to complete in exchange for cash rewards to help brands gain insight. Another way you can earn on the app is when it assigns specific tasks that require you to go in-store and shop or take pictures of the product of specific brands to rate their customer experience.

⦁ Very legitimate.
⦁ Big brands are onboard.
⦁ It’s very easy to use.
⦁ Most jobs require you to be in-store.
⦁ Most jobs are posted in big cities.
⦁ You might not get paid after doing a task; if your task is rejected by the brand, you won’t receive payment.

Potential Earnings
On average, each job pays $5, but the earnings can be anywhere from $1 to $12, depending on the task.

Google Opinion Rewards

Among the best apps to make money fast, this is one true champion. This is a survey app created by Google that pays people money to answer questions. It helps businesses improve their customer experiences by getting opinions directly from their customers.

The app asks a few questions to determine if you qualify for a survey and if you do, you have to answer a few questions and you get paid to do it!

⦁ The app is available for use in the US, UK, and even some parts of Europe and Asia.
⦁ The app is created by Google, so you know it’s legitimate.
⦁ You might not always qualify to take a survey.
⦁ The only way to make money from the app is through the surveys, so if none are available to you at the time, you’re not going to be making any money from it.

Potential Earnings
Each survey only pays up to $1. But, since it has many brands on board, and these surveys only take a few minutes to complete, you can earn very easily.

Foap, one of the best Apps to make money fast in 2020

This is an app that allows users to upload photos taken on their smartphones directly on their app. Once uploaded, the app sells those photos to brands and companies.

It is a way for brands to get great images of their products through crowd-sourcing without going through the hassle of hiring a photographer.

 Best Apps to Make Money Fast foap

⦁ You can get instant feedback on your photos.
⦁ There is a large base of brands.
⦁ The app has great contests and specific missions that you can earn big from.
⦁ There are a lot of people uploading on the app, so you need some significantly good photos to make money.
⦁ You have to have an account with PayPal if you want to get paid.

Potential Earnings
The app sells your pictures for $10 and gives you 50% of the commission; you make $5 every time your photo is bought. Foap pays directly into a PayPal account at the end of the month.


This app literally allows you to do what the name suggests; declutter. It is a way to sell specific household items that are just lying around and probably of no use to you any longer.

The items could be anything from old CDs and electronics to books and games.

Best Apps to Make Money Fastfoap decluttr

⦁ You can get a prepaid shipping label to send items that the app purchases from you.
⦁ You can make money on items that you are no longer using; stuff that you would probably throw away.
⦁ The prepaid label is only available if you are selling items worth $15 or more.
⦁ If your item reaches the company and it doesn’t have a barcode, or it is too damaged, the company doesn’t pay you for it. In that case, you either have to pay for it to be shipped back to you or the app keeps it.\

Potential Earnings
It all depends on the items you are selling and what condition they are in. For example, a DVD can sell for anywhere between 25 cents to a dollar.


This app claims to give you cashback when you spend on your credit or debit card at any one of its participating stores.

It was released in 2017 and since then has built a large base of participating stores, restaurants and hotels.

Best Apps to Make Money Fast dosh

⦁ You can earn cash backs of up to 10%.
⦁ It has huge brands onboard like Hilton, Nike, Walmart, and Target.
⦁ Once you earn $25, you can easily transfer it into your bank account or PayPal account.
⦁ The app is only available in the US, so international users can’t reap the benefits.
⦁ The app has some issues while you are trying to link your credit or debit card to it.

Potential Earnings
The potential earnings all depend on how much you are going to spend. However, you do get a $1 sign up bonus and a $5 referral fee any time one of your friends sign up through your link.


TaskRabbit is an app that allows people to hire people to come to perform tasks that they are not able to do or cannot/don’t want to do for any reason.

You can sign up to become of the “rabbits” to perform tasks that essentially require no pre-existing skills. This is probably one of the best apps to make money fast.

Best Apps to Make Money Fast taskrabbit

⦁ You can accept or decline a job at your convenience.
⦁ The app covers each task with an insurance policy of $1 million.
⦁ Everyone who joins the “rabbit” force is thoroughly vetted.
⦁ You get paid almost immediately after completing the task; the money is available in your account within 48 hours.
⦁ The app can charge a fee of up to 35%, depending on the task.
⦁ It’s not available everywhere.

Potential Earnings
It all depends on the task; your earnings could range with a minimum payment of $11.50 an hour and can even go up to $150 an hour.

We hope you found what works for you from our list of best apps to make money fast. Don’t worry though; if we don’t have you covered here, there is a sea of apps out there to get an extra stream of income that might work for you!


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