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Learn How To Make Money On Fiverr: 3 Different Strategies

Learn How To Make Money On Fiverr: 3 Different Strategies

Let’s not mince words, you are here because you want to learn how to make money on Fiverr. I assure you there is no better place to learn about this topic. In fact, we have put together a massive guide that will teach you about three different approaches to earn active or passive income on the Fiverr platform.

how to make money on fiverr
how to make money on Fiverr

How to make money on Fiverr

The first method is simply becoming a successful Fiverr seller, the second is leveraging the Fiverr marketplace to set up a drop servicing business and the third is, again, leveraging the great success of the platform to earn affiliate income by promoting Fiverr services.

I will detail in this article everything you need to know and to do to get started. You’ll get a top-down view of the three approaches so you can decide the best for you and finally real-world examples of how much each approach can earn you.

Let’s get started!

How to Make Money on Fiverr by selling your skills

The simplest thing you can do to learn how to make money on Fiverr is to use the Fiverr platform the way it is intended to be used. I mean simply by creating Fiverr Gigs charging an appropriate amount for them and start earning by working as a freelancer on the platform. The first thing you should do now is to create an account on Fiverr, it’s free and quick.

The secret of creating successful Gigs is to provide a service that is in demand, of course, present yourself professionally and overdeliver with your work. If you already have skills you can leverage it’s fantastic but even if you don’t, people will pay for convenience and there are jobs you can fulfill with little or no experience. We’ll see a few of these in a second.

What sells on Fiverr?

Service selling on Fiverr can be a very lucrative business and for some organized, hardworking sellers, earnings can amount to 6 digits for some sellers. The name of the game is really being consistent, presentation, efficiency, and work ethics. Yes, you can make money on Fiverr with sloppily presented gigs and delivering average results but is never going to be big for you due to the extensive and growing competition on the platform.

Let’s have a quick look at the average earnings of a few Fiverr categories. As you can imagine earning vary wildly depending on the quality and popularity of the subject. Fiverr, though, is nowadays a full-blown freelancing site and only new sellers or very specific Gigs ask for the minimum fee of 5$. This means that freelancers can make a full living on the platform without working their skin off.

Monthly earnings for some of the categories on the platform

These are the amounts earned each month on average by a seller in a determined category. As you can, there is ample profit to be made here.

  1. video marketing services 300 – 18000$
  2. website building 100$ – 3000$
  3. mobile app development 300$ – 3000$
  4. graphic design 100$ – 3000$
  5. 3d/2d model 100$ – 2000$
  6. business copywriting 100$ – 2000$

Can you learn how to make money on Fiverr without skills?

I am sure you are very curious about this and the answer is yes you can. Well technically you, at least, have to know how to use a computer but the point is, you do not need a degree in design or video editing to start posting gigs on Fiverr immediately.

The general idea here is that you are going to find services in demand that you can fulfill using a third party software that will help you greatly or even do the job for you. I believe it’s perfectly fine to start these Gigs as people do not care how they get their results. It’s up to you to be diligent and use the tools effectively to deliver a great result.

Let’s see a few of these Gigs to get you started but you can and should look for more ideas on your own.

How to make money on Fiverr with simple photo retouching

You offer basic photo retouching, removing blemishes or imperfection from the skin, adjusting the overall look and feel of the picture, balancing values or colors and removing the background. You can easily do it by using free software that basically does it for you.

  1. makeup.pho.to and photopea.com – free online apps that allow you to adjust a photo and remove blemishes.
  2. remove.bg – free online app that helps you remove the background from a picture.

Short Video Ads

You create short promotional videos using royalty-free footage in combination with overlay text. This needs a bit of taste but the idea is that you come up with a few templates that you then reuse for each promotional video request.

  1. Veedeazy.com – browse and download thousands of royalty-free footage to use in your project
  2. HitFilmExpress.com – simple and free video editing suite

How to make money on Fiverr creating Instagram and Facebook ads

You create simple yet visually gorgeous banners to use as Facebook or Instagram ads. You will use the free online app Canva.com to create the banners and one of many royalty-free image providers such as Pixabay.com for your background images.

  1. Canva.com – this is the go-to place for creating visually stunning material, the site offers a lot of free templates to use that are easily customizable, once you have progressed as a seller you might want to purchase a subscription to the service. But you can start free.
  2. Pixabay.com – a source of gorgeous and free royalty-free images for your projects.

How do I get my first job on Fiverr?

Now you are confident you can start making money on Fiverr even if you have limited skills but how do you stand out in this competitive battleground? It really boils down to a few key ideas, let’s have a look at them in detail.

Pick the right niche

You want to start by choosing a popular niche. How do you do that you may ask? Well, you search on Fiverr what’s popular; we’ll look at a few examples further down, but the point is you want to do something that is in high demand.

Present yourself professionally

There is no point in creating a shoddy gig. Take your time and make sure every detail of the gig is filled properly: description, pictures, everything must be as good as it can be.

Go deep

Instead of creating the nthI will create a logo” gig, dig further down the rabbit hole and see where opportunities may lie. Think along the lines of ‘ I will create a business logo‘ or even deeper ‘… a 3D business logo‘. The tighter the match to the user the more likely he/she will be to select your gig.

Create multiple gigs

Follow ideas 1,2, 3 and create multiple gigs, say at least five. Some will be selected others won’t; focus on the ones that bring you clients and dismiss the others.

Few ideas to get the ball rolling as a new Fiverr seller

This is all great, I hear you say, but how do I actually get my first reviews and start the ball rolling? Reviews are everything on Fiverr and if you are just entering the marketplace having 0 reviews can be a huge stumbling block to overcome.

Here I have put together a list of ideas to kickstart you on Fiverr. Use these powerful ideas with caution, many of them are just to give you a hand starting out at the beginning and once you have established yourself a little I am confident clients will be rolling in more organically. let’s see them.

Make your gig super attractive, visually

Add a video presentation, offer super quick deliveries, (initially) offer a low-cost tier for the basic service

Buy your own gigs

Create a few accounts and purchase your own gigs to get a few critical reviews in. Everyone does it so don’t be ashamed about it.

Create a female profile

Anecdotal evidence suggests people are more confident of female sellers, sad but maybe true, definitely worth trying.

Describe the gig in the pictures

Use photos to illustrate the gig instead of leaving it to the text description.

Actively drive traffic to your gig

You can use social media if you know what you are doing. You do not need to have audiences built up, go to Facebook or Instagram groups related to your niche and courteously let them know of your amazing gig.

Use proper keywords

Don’t underestimate SEO on Fiverr when you write your gig description try to fill it with relevant keywords.

Buyer’s request is your friend

When buyers have specific project requests, they have the option of posting those requests directly to the seller community. If you have Gigs listed in the same category as these requests, you may offer your services.

Take several courses

Apparently certification from Fiverr’s top sellers will get you promoted in the search rankings. Add the certificates to your portfolio and certification.

Check Fiverr’s forum

For further helpful info about how to become a great seller.

A great way to search for a successful niche on Fiverr

Wow, that’s a lot to process! Now, before moving to the next topic I just wanted to show you how to find a good niche on Fiverr. Something that is in high demand but not oversaturated and with a margin for growth.

The key idea here is to find Gigs with several sellers (showing a healthy demand) all with work done (showing that it’s not overcrowded) and possibly with sellers that have queued orders (showing demand exceeds supply). Here a couple of examples:

Articles and blog posts

A quick search on Fiverr in the category Articles and Blog Posts shows a strong trend of high demand and low supply. It’s hard to find providers with no reviews and many of them have queued work! In this example, you could simply replicate this offering by creating a more compelling Gig or you could create a more focussed article writing Gig on business or sport.

This screenshot shows that this seller supplies SEO article writing in 24 hours at a very competitive price and has 25 queued orders! Plenty of margin for a new seller to enter the space.


I have explored the topic of transcription which has been growing in popularity recently. This seller has had almost 2000 Gigs completed and a queue of 47 orders. If you can create a Gig that can compete with hers in terms of the offer you are in business! Ways to improve upon the Gig are focusing only on video or audio files or on the delivery format. The sky is the limit and you do not need any special skill to start this Gig.

This is all with regards to the first approach, let’s move on now to the second way of making money on Fiverr.

Set up a Fiverr-based DropServicing business

This second opportunity of making money with Fiverr has been growing in popularity recently and has been labeled “drop servicing” but it’s not something new. The name comes from a similar business model “dropshipping” that allows a seller to market and sell items without actually owning any physical stock.

How to make money on Fiverr with Drop Servicing

Drop Servicing is similar to drop shipping in the sense that you are offering a service using freelance work instead of doing it yourself. Your role is that of a project/marking manager, coordinating the work of the freelance collaborators on the backend while dealing directly with the customers.

Contrarily to what some “experts” might say that you do not need any skill to start a lucrative drop servicing business, there’s a lot going on with this business model.

The main advantage of this business model

Its main advantage is scalability.

As a freelancer on Fiverr, your earnings are bound to the time you can devote to the business and there are only so many hours each day. But as a project manager of a drop servicing business, you can have many freelancers working under you and consequently, you can multiply your earnings.

Fiverr reduces dramatically the difficulty of one aspect of this business model which is finding reliable and quality providers. Before Fiverr, it would have been very difficult to create a network of quality freelancers to work with. Now, on Fiverr, you have everything you need to do it. You can select freelancers with surgical accuracy thanks to the robust system of feedback and pricing put in place by the platform and create your ideal network of collaborators in no time.

Let’s see how the Drop Servicing model works in detail

To set up a DropServicing business you need to:

Pick the right niche to serve

Using the same ideas we used to research niches for Fiverr Gigs, you can look for a nice niche to create your Drop Servicing business. For example a transcription service or a business copywriting service.

A domain name

This business is all about presenting yourself professionally as a leader in the field.

A sales page website

At a minimum, you will need a one-landing-page website to send your lead to via marketing. This page is a simple sales funnel to convert visitors into customers.

A decent Logo and page design

This doesn’t have to be expensive however remember you will be perceived as good as your presentation. To me it’s worth investing but, you can probably get away with a nice looking template to start with and a Fiverr logo provider just to get things rolling. Remember, if your service is in demand and your price competitive you will get customers.

A dashboard to interact with clients (optional at the beginning)

If you are just starting you can definitely do this just by email. However, when you start getting more and more orders, having a unified platform to exchange files/communication with your customers is going to be critical.

How to set it all up

There are many ways to set up this. If you have no idea where to start I am presenting you two options. Shopify and WordPress. Both have pros and cons. Cost-wise they are very comparable, particularly in the long run which means that even though WordPress is free there will be costs involved to set this all up. They will both allow you to build your sales funnel one-page website to direct your targeted traffic.


Shopify is an eCommerce platform that simplifies the whole process for you. It will cost you around 30 bucks a month but the intuitiveness of the platform is its major strength. It comes with almost everything you need including, a domain name, hosting, email, industry-standard cart, money processing facility, and analytics. The only extra you might spend is a good looking template for your sales funnel page. Getting it up and running it’s a breeze, easily doable in one day of work.


WordPress is perfect if you already have knowledge as it has a steeper learning curve and you can mess up things easily if you do not know what you are doing. But it grants infinite flexibility and the ability to host your site wherever you want.

Now, setting either of these two up is a huge topic and maybe the subject of another post. For now, rest assured you can’t go wrong with either as they are the most cost-effective way to start a business online. If you want to know more, let me know in the comment section below.

What can you drop service

Anything can be drop serviced but it is important you know a bit about the service you are providing or you’ll be in trouble. You’ll have to be able to answer client questions and communicate effectively with freelancers. Let’s have a look at one example.

A google search with “book cover design” shows up this result page with a list of ad-supported results. Let’s have a look at this one: https://www.uniquebookcover.com/

I do not know if this is a drop servicing business but it might as well be!

A quick look inside their webpage shows a few critical info. They are selling book covers starting from 59$ and up to 99$ for premium treatment. Honestly, I think any author worth his salt would go for the premium treatment for his baby. On Fiverr, you can easily find Gigs for book cover design starting at 10 or even 5 dollars! Now it’s up to you to match Fiverr sellers with your clients and deliver to them excellent results. This is how this business model works.

Make money on Fiverr by finding the right fit

The key here is to find the right fit for you, something that you are knowledgable about and that is in demand. Once you have determined the niche you want to work in, you must create a business around it and market it to the right audience. But I am going ahead of myself. let’s proceed one step at a time.

There are several ways to explore potential niche ideas to build your drop servicing business about. I am suggesting just three solid ones here to keep things simple.

Google Trends

This service allows you to visualize the demand for a service you are researching. Just type in a relevant keyword and see if the service you would like to offer has been growing in popularity in the last year.

Fiverr search

Fiverr search, yes, you should be using Fiverr to search considering you are going to be using it to recruit your army of freelancers. You want to find a service that is in high demand and for which multiple sellers have many queued requests. This will tell you that you will find plenty of sellers, price is going to be competitive AND the niche has ample margin for growth.

Google keyword planner

Look for keywords that have low competition and high search per month

Finding freelancers to work with

This is where Fiverr and its system of reviews really shines.

Growing and nurturing a list of reliable and professional collaborators/sellers is going to be an ongoing task for you. You can start by searching on Fiverr only for sellers with excellent reviews and with a fee structure that will allow you to pocket a decent margin.

Over time you will find sellers that you collaborate beautifully with and that you will be happy to return to and that’s one of the keys to the success of this business idea.

How to market your drop servicing business

This is an inevitable part of this business model. One your backend and frontend are finalized and you are ready to start taking orders you must start marketing away.

There are free solutions and paid solutions. Both have a cost, either monetary or time. If you have plenty of time, by all means, try the free methods. However, investing in marketing will yield immediate results. Whichever you decide, the key here is to try as best as you can to be absolutely specific in finding the right audience for your service. Go to the right groups and advertise using only relevant keywords for your service.

A few ideas on marketing methods

  • Posting on social media (free) – Look online for Facebook and Instagram Group that are related to your niche and post courteously and without spamming, about your new awesome servicing company to drive traffic to your landing page.
  • Instagram shoutouts (paid) – a great way to promote your new business, you can contact Instagram profile owners directly or via a platform to book your shoutouts.
  • Facebook Ads (paid) – a very easy and overall inexpensive solution to start sending leads to your landing page.
  • Google Ads (paid) – another straightforward method to start sending leads to your landing page.

This is all for this second approach.

How to make money on Fiverr by Promoting Fiverr service

If you are just starting out, this last strategy is likely the most difficult. It works best if you already have an audience or if you are already decent at online marketing.

Help is closer than you think!

Remember though, you can always learn or consolidate what you do not know or you do not feel very secure about. Alternatively, you can hire someone to help you out precisely where you are missing key skills.

I personally use Fiverr all the time for this and you should not be afraid to do it too. Potentially, you could use Fiverr sellers to help you build this whole setup from scratch!

How to earn on Fiverr by promoting its services

This is very simple in theory. You join as a Fiverr affiliate and access a plethora of marketing material. You then promote Fiverr services to an audience and earn a commission every time someone uses one of these services. That’s it.

While this may sound lovely in principle, in practice it can be tricky. Let’s see why but first, let’s have a look at their commission plan, shall we?

They offer two basic plans, one with a one-off, fixed commission and the second with a combination of an initial payoff plus a revenue share for that customer for 12 months. This every time customers purchase a service from Fiverr. On top of these, they have other services that can be promoted but let’s focus on the basic ones for now.

How much can you earn as a Fiverr affiliate?

Let’s see how much can you earn with the fixed commission plan. On average it pays 30$ per acquisition.

Let’s say you have a page promoting Fiverr services and that page gets 600 visitors a day which is roughly 220000 visitors a year. If it converts at about 0.5% (meaning 1 in 200 visitors ends up purchasing a Fiverr service). You would end up with 3*30$*365 = 33000$ a year. I’d say not too shabby.

And this is just the tip of the iceberg as you could have multiple pages all created around a different keyword and all ranking nicely. The potential is immense.

How do you send traffic to your promotional content?

The real issue is how do you get this many people to visit your beautifully-crafted landing page? This is where it gets tricky. These are your options:

Send paid traffic

You can pay ad money to send targeted traffic to your page. You could use Google ads, Facebook ads, etc. Honestly, nowadays, the choice is bewildering. The idea is to find a balance between commission payout and ad spending. So it requires a bit of experience and micromanagement to make it work. On top of it, your landing page should be artfully crafted to convert consistently.

It requires you to either invest to have someone else build it for you or do it yourself maybe with some freelance help. But totally doable.

Send free traffic

Alternatively, you could build your promotional pages and try to send free traffic to them by working on the backend, promoting these pages on forums, social group pages, and other relevant social media platforms.

Create a niche website

Another option is to build a niche website focussed around Fiverr and its services. The objective would be to serve an audience, providing real value while promoting Fiverr.

You could, for example, create a youtube channel of reviews of Fiverr classes. This would be a big-time investment, obviously, but it would require a minimal initial investment and could grow organically over time instead of being bound to ad spend. In this post, I describe in more detail the tools that you would need to create a simple screen capturing video review.

Let’s wrap it

I think we are at the end of this massive guide on how to make money on Fiverr. We have covered three very distinct approaches to generate active and passive income from this incredible platform. I believe you will get a lot of value from this.

If you have any comments or if you would like to suggest any idea for this guide leave a comment in the comment section below!


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